Startups & Agreements

Business Start Ups And Agreements

We help start ups and closely held businesses with transactional matters such as entity formation, governmental compliance, contract drafting,  trademark, and internet law.

We can often perform the work for fixed fees and we can always perform the work with fast turn around times.

Corporate Meeting and Minute Annual Service 

Own a corporation? When was your last meeting? Do you have minutes of the meetings? Your corporation must hold meetings to document credit lines, the opening of a new credit card account, a loan, the payoff of a loan, or the execution or renewal of a lease. Failure to follow corporate formalities can put personal assets on the line for the business debts.  Many corporation directors know that meetings and minutes are required, but due to the press of business have ignored the obligations.  We can straighten it out.

Free White Paper - “10 Steps to Starting Your Business”

Just email with "10 Steps to Starting Your Business" in the heading and your contact information–name, telephone and address–and we’ll send it to you without obligation. If you are starting a business, you may be better off not incorporating your business at first because the troubles outweigh the benefits for small firms.

Mr. Gentry is the Chairman of the Intellectual Property, Internet and New Media Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.  He helps companies seeking a competitive advantage and increased market share through internet advertising by advising on fair use and copyright issues, trademark and internet law.

  • Advising and forming the most suitable legal entity such as a limited liability company or corporation
  • Negotiating and drafting financing agreements
  • Ensuring corporate compliance with state, county and local regulations
  • Counseling foreign companies regarding legal issues related to establishing U.S. operations
  • Advising entities on patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements
  • Negotiating franchise and license agreements
  • Advising companies on internet Fair Use and Copyright Issues

Beverly Hills Business Attorney Galen Gentry can help you create your business start up, draft employee contracts,buy-sell agreements, and incorporate your business. With 25 years of experience and the highest rating for legal skills and ethical conduct from and Galen can work with you to avoid costly legal problems through proper planning. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation. Serving clients in Southern California including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, The San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Orange County and Long Beach.