Sexual Harassment

Southern California Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Employees are entitled to a secure work environment free from sexual harassment. Although rude, suggestive or inappropriate comments may be unwelcome, they do not automatically constitute sexual harassment. Some key features to consider include:

  • Whether the comments or actions have created a hostile work environment. This may include a manager telling dirty jokes, commenting on clothing, making lewd comments or doing something similar that creates an environment that prevents an employee from doing their job.
  • Whether continued employment is contingent on the acceptance or rejection of sexual advances. For example, if a supervisor offers a promotion in exchange for sexual activity or threatens termination if an employee fails to comply.
  • Whether an employer retaliates against an employee who complains about sexual advances or sexually charged comments. Retaliation may come in the form of wrongful termination, demotion or similar actions. If an employer retaliates against an employee who corroborates a colleague’s claim of harassment, the whistle blower may have a viable claim as well.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you may have the right to pursue a claim for compensation. At the Law Offices of Galen Gentry, we handle employment lawsuits throughout Southern California.

Direct Harassment Versus Hostile Work Environment Harassment

Sexual harassment can be separated into two main categories: direct harassment and hostile work environment.

Direct sexual harassment can involve one employee in a position of authority over another. The supervisory employee requests sexual favors in exchange for preferential treatment or threatens to terminate the employee unless he or she complies.

Hostile work environment harassment is more nuanced. An employee subject to a pattern of exposure to unwanted sexual behavior from persons other than an employee’s direct supervisor where supervisors or managers take no steps to discourage or discontinue such behavior can support such a claim. For example, if fellow employees engage in viewing pornography in the workplace, telling sexually charged jokes or making lewd comments or innuendos. Management has an obligation to attempt to effect a change in the offending conduct once reported.

Under certain circumstances an employer can be liable for hostile work environment harassment.

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