Trademark Litigation

Southern California Trademark Infringement Attorney

For many businesses, trademarks help distinguish their products or services from the competition.

  • In the commercial context, a trademark is typically a word, symbol or a combination of both that is used to identify and market a product. Service marks are names or symbols used to identify and market services.
  • Trade dress is similar to a trademark in that it is used to differentiate the products and services of one business from those of another. However, trade dress specifically refers to the packaging of a product.

Businesses should be concerned about trademark infringement. If another business uses a trademark or trade dress that is the same or similar to that of your firm, you may lose money.

If your business has been the victim of infringement or has been accused of infringing on the trademark, service mark or trade dress of another business, the Law Offices of Galen Gentry can help. We are committed to providing winning representation.

Whether an entity has infringed on the trademark of another is determined by a number of facts which center around how likely customers are to be confused. If one can show that the infringing use is likely to confuse consumers and that the business has suffered economically as a result of the infringement, the infringer may have to pay damages based on the loss.

If the court finds that the infringer intentionally copied the trademark, or should have known about the existing trademark, the infringer may have to pay the damaged party the profits the infringer gained on the product or service.

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