Business Disputes & Breaches of Contract

Experienced Representation in Business, Internet and Real Estate Disputes

  • Worried about the expenses of litigation?
  • Interested in exploring flat fees for services as opposed to hourly services agreements?
  • Involved in a breach of contract?

We offer litigation clients a unique approach to case preparation, extensive trial experience and an accessible attorney. Galen Gentry has 25 years of experience in federal and state courts and has the highest rating for legal skill from the two most popular legal rating sites: and

In litigation we do everything that is necessary to win and nothing that isn’t.  Call now to discuss your problem.

Much of what lawyers do has no impact on what happens in a trial or the amount for which a case settles. Some of the work is important. But, a large portion is actually driven by law firm economics. Lawyers, particularly those hired by large companies and insurance companies, do unnecessary work in order to bill for it. Many lawyers are more focused on billing than on winning.

We are different. We are focused on winning. We do everything necessary, and nothing that is not. It does not matter whether we take your case on contingency, on a flat rate for services or on an hourly fee; we design a legal strategy which achieves your goals in an effective and economical manner. Most cases do settle, but years of experience have proven that focusing our efforts on the trial from the beginning ensures the best out come for our clients.

We use the instructions the jury will receive to craft the initial pleadings in the case and guide us during the case. We are dedicated to our clients’ success. We don’t win at any cost; we win at a reasonable cost. We represent individuals and closely held businesses in all types of breach of contract cases.

  • Internet copyright and fair use disputes: We represent clients in matters concerning the legal use of copyrighted material on websites
  • Real estate disputes: We represent plaintiffs and defendants in commercial and residential real estate disputes. Real estate disputes often relate to allegations of misrepresentation by the parties or brokers.
  • Fraud litigation: If you have lost money due to a misrepresentation or an omission in a sales or investment deal, we can help you seek legal redress through court.
  • Contract disputes: We represent business owners in disputes with vendors, customers and suppliers.
  • Trademark litigation: We handle cases of trademark infringement, service mark infringement and trade dress disputes.
  • Debt collection: We help businesses put systems in place to account for receivables. We also assist with the collection of debts.

Worried about a lawsuit or dispute arising out of breach of contract, fraud, business partner issues,employer-employee problems, injuries on business premises? Call us for a free consultation. Beverly Hills Business Attorney Galen Gentry can help you protect your business. Whether yours is a start up or a going concern we can help minimize lawsuit exposure and effectively litigate disputes. With 25 years of experience and the highest rating for legal skills and ethical conduct from and, Galen can work with you to avoid costly legal problems through proper planning.

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