Step Four Register Your Business

10 Steps to Starting A Business

Most new businesses require tax and employer identification documents. You can obtain these documents from the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board. You will also need to obtain the necessary forms to register your business in the City of Los Angeles. (Most cities in southern California require business registration. If you intend to start your business in a city other than Los Angeles you may use this guide to give you an idea of what steps to take in your city.) In Los Angeles new businesses must file an application for a business tax registration certificate. Some businesses may need police, fire or tobacco retailers permits. The County of Los Angeles does not require a general business license for businesses located in the city. However, other permits and licenses may apply. (e.g. a public health operating permit for a food establishment) The franchise tax board administers personal and corporate income tax and franchise taxes in California. The Board of Equalization issues sellers permits and administers and collects State sales taxes on fuel, alcohol, tobacco and other special taxes and fees. The Employment Development Department issues employer account numbers and administers California’s payroll taxes. You can visit the California Business Portal to see which apply to your business.

The Internal Revenue Service and the state require that all corporations file federal income tax returns. Don’t avoid them. If you don’t care for book keeping then hire a book keeping service or accountant.

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