New Law Saves Judges Time and Hopefully Saves Time and Money for Civil Litigants

Judges will no longer be required to rule on every evidentiary objection before granting or denying summary judgment. Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill into law this week. Instead of untitledruling on every evidentiary objection judges will rule only on the evidentiary objections deemed material, all others will be considered overruled, but preserved on appeal. This new law is not simply boring lawyer stuff. Civil litigation is expensive. Motions for summary judgment are designed to decide an issue (or the whole case), without the need for a trial. Preparing them and opposing them is time consuming and expensive. Ruling on them is also time consuming. California civil courts are underfunded and understaffed. This law will hopefully help judges spend less time on each motion for summary judgment.There is no prejudice to the parties as the objections may still be addressed in an appeal of the case.

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