Extensive Trial Experience

Throughout my 26 years of practice, I have gained invaluable insight into the justice system, as well as the skills and tactics needed to navigate it effectively. At times, this knowledge allows me to attain favorable resolutions before ever reaching the courtroom.

Readily Available to You

Concerns don’t always arise between 9 and 5. Once you become my client, you will have access to my personal cell phone number and be able to reach me anytime. You will never have to worry about being passed through a series of receptionists and paralegals.

Los Angeles Business
Law Attorney

Galen Gentry

I care about my clients.  I do everything that is necessary to ensure they obtain the best possible outcome. I am available to my clients, and if a client has a substantive question about his or her case, I respond personally.

More About Me

"Attorneys who represent both workers and business owners have the greatest insight into employment law."

The Advantages of a Versatile Background

Most employment law attorneys choose to focus their practice on either employee or employer representation. While concentration has its advantages, my unique blend of knowledge has benefitted me time and time again. After all, it never hurts to know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. 

I have chosen to represent clients on both sides of these issues because I can empathize with the perspectives of each. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of protecting your business. Yet there are times when employees truly are wronged by their employers, and in those situations, I take great pride in standing up for the rights of the underdogs.

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If your client is in need of local counsel in the greater Los Angeles area, please do not hesitate to reach out to my firm. As attorneys, we often provide the most useful service when we partner together for the greater good.

Your referral is one of the highest
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Recommendations are not a matter I take lightly. Please know that when you send clients my way, I ensure they are left with a positive impression of both my performance and your network. Furthermore, I will, of course, return the favor when I encounter clients in need of counsel within your own areas of practice.

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The Delivery Makes All the Difference

I have spent my career perfecting the art of persuasion

A Calling from the Start

After graduating from law school, I got my start at a large firm where I had the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of departments. However, I immediately knew litigation was the one I liked best, and I later left to open a practice of my own so I could pursue my greatest passion without restraint. 

Since that time, my approach has been to prepare every case that comes my way as if it were going to trial. Though some cases settle prior to that point, I have found this to be a highly effective strategy no matter the outcome, as it leaves me better positioned for both settlement negotiations and presentations in court.

Extensive Trial Experience

Clients ask what makes me successful in trial. There are many factors. A trial to a judge is different than a trial to a jury. A judge has a good idea what the case is about. The jury needs to be educated. I provide a judge or a jury with a compelling trial theme as soon as I begin to interact with them. Especially during the phase of the trial when the jury is selected. During jury selection I am already relaying my case theme to the proposed jurors.

All trials are games of persuasion. If you want to win, you’ve got to display facts in a way that’s compelling. I’ve watched many trials in which I could see the jury losing interest. One lawyer or another droning on or questioning a witness about issues which seemed unimportant to the jury. Using poor visual aids or even worse no visual aids at all. Many lawyers make the mistake of speaking in front of juries in a legal, technical manner which bores them. Jury members are not lawyers or judges and to speak in a language to which juries can relate is a key to success.

When I take a case to trial, I present videos and other visuals. My presentation has already been practiced in front of mock jurors. During trial I study the jury’s body language and modify my approach if they seem distracted or unsure how the issue relates to their decision.